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Web Application Vulnerability Scanning

Attacks against vulnerabilities in web-based application software continue to be an increasing trend. Application software that does not properly validate user inputs, or fails to sanitize user inputs by filtering out unneeded, malicious characters, could be vulnerable to a remote attack.

Attackers can inject specific exploits, including SQL injection attacks, buffer overflows, cross-site scripting, and click-jacking of code to gain control over vulnerable machines. This can lead to a compromise of your internal network with your public web applications providing an open door directly from the internet to your sensitive member data.

Performing regular web application testing and following up with the removal or mitigation of the vulnerabilities bolsters your layered network security strategy and provides an excellent control against a potential network data breach.

Our team tests your web applications for potential vulnerabilities, helping to ensure the security of your most critical business interfaces

Web application testing is designed to meet all regulatory requirements, and fully evaluates the security of your applications, whether they have been deployed or are in the development stage.

Contact us today to make sure your web application is not an open door for criminals to access your members' sensitive data.

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