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Vulnerability Scanning

Attackers are always looking for ways into a financial institution’s systems to gain access to the sensitive information that they possess. Being a small credit union doesn’t exclude you from the potential of an attack. In fact, many criminals actually target small financial institutions specifically; knowing they are less likely to devote the necessary resources to prevent attackers.

A vulnerability scan is an automated process that scans the computers, servers, printers, and other devices connected to your institution’s network.

Our scanning service scans your systems and looks for known security gaps and holes in your network. The system will then generate a report prioritizing the remediation efforts based on the severity of each threat and the relative risk that your credit union assigns to each of your assets.

Vulnerability scanning provides your institution with regulatory compliance to the following guidelines:

  • GLBA – Section III.C.3 12 CFR Part 364 Appendix B
  • NCUA – IS&T Questionnaire IT-IDS/IPS, Section E, 34 and 35; IT – Penetration Test Review, Section A, B, C, 6-7, and 8c; IT – Servers, Section C, 19-21.

To take vulnerability scanning to the next level, see our penetration testing service.

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