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Incident Response Planning

Let's say you find out you've had a data breach. What do you do?

If you haven't developed a plan for how your credit union will deal with incidents, now is the time to act. A data breach is a serious and costly issue that could lead to fines and other expenses related to member notification, credit card replacement, lawsuits, etc

But data breaches aren't the only type of incident your plan should worry about. What if you have a broken water pipe that is leaking into your computer room? Or you lose internet connectivity or phone service for an extended period of time?

The experienced staff at Sollievo can walk you through the scenarios, questions, planning, and documentation needed to develop an incident response plan specific to your credit union so you are prepared in the event you experience an issue, while also keeping you in compliance with industry regulations related to incident response.

At Sollievo, we are familiar with issues that credit unions are facing. We know your resources and finances are limited, and that your time is valuable. That's why we've developed a reasonably priced product that can be tailored specifically for your credit union.

Trying to resolve an incident is not the time to "wing it." Let us help you develop a proper plan to make sure your credit union is ready for potential incidents.

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