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ERM Solutions

As a financial institution, credit unions are faced with a substantial amount of risk compared to the average business, which makes managing risk an essential component of a credit union's operations. Sollievo offers several products/services that can help your credit union with this process. And with unlimited customer support, we are always here to help.

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Enterprise Risk Monitoring

Our easy-to-use, web-based solution allows your credit union to monitor risk through email alerts, notifications, and interactive dashboards. Included with the software, your credit union will have the ability to conduct risk assessments, track trending over time, measure financial impacts, and monitor financial ratios and compliance requirements.

The software will automate your existing process by gathering the risk, notifying your personnel before the risk adversely affects your operations, and providing feedback to management. This system will allow your management team to make better informed decisions regarding the institution's risk posture.


Vendor Management

Our vendor management product will allow you to track all of your vendor requirements, including risk ratings, contracts, expiration dates, incident reports, requests for proposals, and vendor due diligence requirements in a centralized online database that is accessible across your organization.This automated process will help you comply with regulatory requirements, track vendor performance, and keep all of your vendor data in a centralized location, while also monitoring vendor risk by criticality.

Findings Manager

Stay organized by keeping all of your risk, audit, and regulatory findings in one place with our findings manager. This easy to use software assigns responsibilities for each finding and creates corrective actions to be completed.

Our findings manager offers automated reminders to help your team stay on task and meet your deadlines. It also provides full reporting capabilities.