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Business Continuity Planning

A solid business continuity plan should be able to quickly recover your systems to continue operations or have contingency plans in place to continue your operations off-site or remotely in the event you experience a disruption of service.

It only takes one issue that impacts your members for them to start looking for another provider down the street. Because let’s face it, the lives of your members don’t stop when your services go down – even if it’s due to circumstances beyond your control. To your member, it’s your credit union’s fault that their mortgage payment may be a week late or they can’t withdraw money from the credit union for the vacation they are leaving for that day.

So it is very important to take a business continuity plan seriously, and not look at it as just a regulatory requirement/suggestion.

Credit union professionals historically wear many hats. And many institutions don’t have the time or expertise on staff to thoroughly create their own business continuity plan. Because each credit union runs their operations a little differently, you shouldn’t have to settle for a plan that is based on a template.

That’s why Sollievo can create a customized business continuity plan for your credit union that makes sure all of your unique operations are taken into account.

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