Network Security Services

Through our partnership with Digital Defense, Sollievo offers the following services that are critical to mitigating information security risks on your credit union’s network and protecting your members’ sensitive data and finances:

  • Anti-Phishing Takedown Services
    Our anti-phishing takedown service offers a specialized service aimed at alerting your credit union when a “phisher” appears to be preparing an attack against your members. It also puts operational phishing sites out of business fast.
  • Network Security Architecture Review
    After working with your credit union to understand the state of your network security architecture and any planned changes for the future, our team will evaluate the designs against industry best practices to determine how effectively you are meeting your security needs.
  • Penetration Testing
    Our penetration test results provide deeper insight into the actual business risks of vulnerabilities that are present on your system and show how an attacker can exploit the vulnerabilities on your network and use the compromised machine to gain access to sensitive information.
  • Social Engineering Testing
    People are the weakest link in the day-to-day management of an organization’s network security. Our social engineering testing examines the security awareness and best practices of your employees and supplies.
  • Vulnerability Scanning
    Our scanning service looks for known security gaps and holes in your network and generates a report prioritizing the remediation efforts based upon the severity of each threat and the relative risk that you assign to each asset.
  • Web Application Vulnerability Scanning
    Our web application testing is designed to meet all regulatory requirements, and fully evaluates the security of your applications, whether they be deployed or under development.
  • Wireless Security Audit
    Our comprehensive wireless security audit assesses your wireless LANs, devices, and countermeasures to ensure you are protecting your organization from potential intruders.